Mothers Day 

I’ve never been so happy to receive a piece of paper with a splodge of paint on it but that’s how I felt after this week’s playgroup where we did footprints. The first addition to my (unfinished) kitchen walls and I genuinely can’t wait to fill it up with more.

I’ve never really bought into the ‘hallmark holidays’, we don’t really do valentines or anything. But something took over me this year, matching outfits, garden photoshoot, soppy social media posts, even the hubs got involved. 

What I realised more than anything this year was how freaking awesome we are. I’ve seen fellow mama struggle through everything motherhood can throw at us and come out smiling, we’ve had our ups and downs with G and I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job. 

It’s also made me appreciate those around me even more, I am lucky enough to have a fabulous support network. Goes without saying hubs is the best and would do anything for us but his mum has been fantastic, in the first few weeks she would come every morning so I could have a shower and breakfast and would take Gs washing to do, still now she keeps us fed and is first in line for babysitting duties. My sister-in-law, mum to 11 month old E, and I have got much closer and swap parenting tips as well as keeping each other sane with tea! 

What can I say about my own mother….its like knowing a different person now she is a grandma. We never had the best relationship whilst I was younger, I couldn’t wait to leave home. There are lots of reasons as to why that are just too close to the bone and I’m not ready to address and discuss but she was a young mum and, in her words, I was an accident! (Told you she was lovely!). Now Grandma T has been absolute gold, she took a week off work once hubs paternity was finished and spent all day everyday with us. She was the one that was there when the fist breastfeeding issues arose and mopped up tears and milk, she never judged, never pushed her views and opinions on me, she was just there to support. Now she will regularly pop round to entertain G or take him out while I run round the house doing a weeks worth of cleaning in an hour!

 I love how G loves each and every one of these women, his face lights up when they and rent afraid to be silly with him and will comfort him without question.

I’m lucky to have all these strong mothers around me and I appreciate them more and more everyday.

Mothers keep on mothering, supporters keep on supporting, you’re all freaking awesome EVERYDAY not just today. 

If anyone’s interested Gs tshirt is from Next (4 squid! Bargain!) my tshirt is Mama by Rachel Kellet check it out…here


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