Maternity Leave

I’ve just caught up with The Replacement on BBC, did you watch it? Good wsn’t it? I’d almost given up on BBC dramas after the disappointing Apple Tree Yard but, being baby related, thought I’d give it a go and I was hooked! I loved the how you weren’t quite sure who the mad one was and I was almost getting a little disappointed when it looked like it wasn’t going to be Paula. But come on where did she learn how to set off an airbag AND hotwire a car? Sometimes I don’t know where the patrol cap button is.

I was quite nervous about who was going to be my maternity cover, probably like most mums to be. Thankfully my cover is mental in a different way to crazy Paula. My cover is actually an ex colleague who had returned from travelling and needed a job for 12 months before she started teacher training, how perfect was that!? So she is keeping my seat warm and doing a good job by all accounts. My main fear was what if they did a better job than me. I can’t believe I was ever that career focused, it all pales into insignificance now. I’m lucky enough to be taking a full 12 months off and now
coming up to half way through I’m already getting panicked about leaving G and going back. The other half is pushing me now to look at nursery places available but I really don’t want to accept I’m going to have to leave him yet. 
Mus focus on the positives…1* I’ve got over 6 months left yet, 2* It’s almost summer, 3* I’ve got a new garden to make the most of. Ok…feeling slightly better now, if only I can mange to factor some sleep into this 2nd half that would be fantastic!


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